Mountain Friendly Fashion

Clothes make the man, and the woman, and the mountain biker. Looking good on the trails is almost as great a concern among mountain biking enthusiasts as having the best biking and safety equipment they can possibly afford. Mountain biking clothing, in fact, can take a significant chunk out of a biker’s budget; having new designer biking togs to show off at the next big group trail ride is almost as much fun as being on the ride itself.

The mountain biking clothes which correlate to Ralph Lauren Weekend in mainstream fashion are those of Zoic. Zoic combines color, innovative design, and unparalleled craftsmanship in mountain biking clothing lines for men, women, and children of every level of mountain biking skill. They have comfortable shirts and shorts to appeal to all.

Zoic Mountain Biking Apparel

The Zoic Libertee Shirt for Men is extremely popular both for its comfort and the quality of its construction. The design of the Libertee sends a clear signal that its wearer knows great mountain biking clothing when he sees it.

Zoic’s El Diablo Jersey is a men’s shirt constructed of fabric ideal for long distance tiding. Its cutting-edge design separates it from traditional mountain biking shirts, with an easy zipping mechanism to provide extra comfort while maintaining the high fashion look which has made Zoic mountain biking clothes the leaders among the sport’s enthusiasts.

The Zoic Epoch Short is a men’s short with a twin zipper to supply comfort with extra support and ventilation.

The Zoic Ether Short for Men, a highest quality nylon short, allows its wearers maximum freedom to move and, therefore, maximum comfort. It offers the convenience of side pockets in which the biker can stow all his biking accessories

The Zoic Crosswind Sleeveless Shirt is a piece of mountain biking clothing that allows women mountain bikers to emphasize their femininity and remain cool by going sleeveless as they ride.

Finally, the Zoic Bellis for Women is the perfect mountain clothing for women who are competitive mountain bikers. It’s constructed of a jersey fabric which offers both the comfortable functionality and good looks that make its wearers feel good init and good about themselves for wearing it!

You may laugh, you are out on the trail to have fun and feel good and explore, you don’t care how you look and you aren’t trying to win any fashion contests. While this is true, the quality and appropriateness of your clothing can have a great impact on your mountain biking excursions. When looking for mountain biking clothing, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, what type of weather will you be riding in. If the majority of your cycling is done in extremely hot weather, you will not need to worry about protecting yourself from the cold. You will most likely want to purchase comfortable, breathable mountain biking shorts. These will allow you the greatest mobility while ensuring that you are comfortable and happy.

Often times, you will encounter unexpected weather along your trail. When rain and mud become a reality, it is helpful to have a pair of mountain bicycling waterproofs to protect you from the elements. These are lightweight and extremely breathable, and still afford you all of the freedom of movement necessary to continue your journey. Gloves and shoes made specifically for mountain biking and practically necessities as well. Gloves will protect your hands from blisters when you ride long distances and will also prevents cuts and scrapes when traveling through heavily wooded areas. Shoes allow your feet to breathe while ensuring that you have a proper grip on the pedals and do not slip off while riding. They should keep your feet cool and dry to prevent discomfort.

The most important part of your mountain bicycling trip is your safety gear. No matter how experienced or talented a rider you are, accidents happen. The only way to protect yourself and ensure that the least possible damage is done, is to wear proper safety gear. Your primary source of protection: your helmet. Do not skimp in this area, having the proper fitting and well constructed helmet can mean the difference between surviving an accident and not. Eye protection, such as goggles or fitted glasses are also important to protect your eyes from debris and traveling through heavily wooded areas.

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