Winter Sports in the Mountains

The recreational activities or sports played in the cold weather of winter are known as winter sports mostly played in the mountains. Most of these sports traditionally played in the areas with natural snow include the variations of ice skating, sledding and skiing. Today these sports are flexibly played on artificial ice or snow even in the plains during winters as well as summers. People enjoy playing ice hockey and ice skating even in hot climate on the artificial ice provided in the ice rink.

Emergence of winter sports

Traditionally various means of transport including skis, skates and sledges were used to go anywhere on the snow covered mountains. With the passage of time these means of transport became different type of pastime sports which can be enjoyed only during winter season only. These pastime sports developed into full fledge winter sports with time which are mainly played in the countries having winter season for longer time period.

Types of winter sports

Commonly Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, figure skating, speed skating, skeleton, snowmobiling and bobsleigh are considered as the winter sports played on individual basis. Ice hockey, bandy and curling are some of the popular winter sports played by teams. Speed skating and ice hockey are considered as the outdoor winter games whereas bandy introduced in the middle of 20th century is considered as an indoor winter game as it can be played even in the hot season on the indoor ice rinks with artificial ice. Today various types of winter sport tournaments like Winter Olympic Games are organised to popularise such sport events all over the world.

Some of the popular winter sports

Though there is a long list of different variations of winter sports but some of the commonly played winter sports are briefly described here under for your reference.

Cross-Country skiing: This sport is played on the mountains covered with snow. The Kaiser cross country skiing is one of the famous skiing events for the experienced as well as amateur skiers. Amateur skiers should play it under the guidance of experienced local instructors.

Snowboarding: Event organisers like Alpine ski offer lesson to the snow boarders of all levels, including beginner and experienced, as they should know about the safety regulations and codes of behaviour before starting snowboarding.

Ski Tours: Several skiing schools organise ski tours on daily basis at most of the attractive skiing regions to help the skiing fans enjoy this winter sport on the mountains.

Snowshoeing: This winter sport traditionally used by Native Americans for hunting is now treated as a recreational event. In order to play this winter game people leave the track of wonderful landscapes, away from the runs and pistes, to find suitable place around Stanglwirt. You can play this winter sport without any prior knowledge according to your fitness level.

Thus you can find a number of winter sports in the mountains from which you can choose one or some to enjoy during your winter vacations. Today these winter sports can also be enjoyed even in the hot season by playing them on the artificial ice in the nearby ice rink.

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